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You might not have heard their names before, but I can guarantee you have heard of their first successful billion-dollar brand, Proactiv. Clearly, people are taking notice in both our doctors and our company and recognize the unique brand and value that we bring to the market. Honestly, it makes me so incredibly excited to be a part of something that others are seeing the success in.


We absolutely have that with the Skincare Industry. There is growth to come in this industry and as consultants , we get to take advantage of the expansion and capitalize upon it to grow our own businesses. Let me share some amazing stats with you that show you just how fast we are growing:. The primary difference between an actual Pyramid Scheme and MLM companies is that with Pyramid schemes there is no exchange of product and the value flows up to higher levels instead of everyone getting value out of the business. The model is solely based on the recruitment of people, and there is no exchange of goods or a service.

With the rise of popularity and rapid adoption of companies like Amazon, subscription boxes, at home delivery meals and more, the MLM model capitalizes on the eCommerce movement and word of mouth recommendations. Get this. People are quick to associate the recruitment in MLM to the recruitment in Pyramid schemes. However, I hope the below graphic shows you that they are in fact, not the same. Still not sold? So, know that going in.

Just like you would in any other job.

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Plain and simple. The most successful people in this business who have been able to build retirement level income are the ones who are willing to work hard every single day. As we all know, the list goes on forever and is never-ending for all of us. The truth is and despite the lies you are feeding to yourself, you DO have the time to do this business. From the outside looking in, no way. BUT, your time is about prioritization. And guess what… just by making it a priority when it comes to my time, I miraculously I find time every day to work my business!

Imagine that! Keep a journal for a couple days and document your time. Spend any time in the car where you could take calls or listen to trainings? Scrolling Instagram for an hour every day? Is it possible for you to wake up an hour earlier every day? Yep, I went there. These women are doctors, lawyers, teachers, nurses, engineers, corporate executives, interior designers, and small business owners just to name a few.

They are smart, well educated and make great incomes to support their families. They decided to make an investment in themselves and the future of their families. I graduated with my MBA with a 3. A business opportunity that will change my life, and one that I know I am too smart to walk away from. Look, I get it. One of the most successful consultants in our entire company had never tried the products before joining and used to wash her face with a bar of body soap!

The company offers amazing training and we have an entire team of trained nurses on staff to answer any questions you have or your potential customers have about the products. Maybe you just wanted to learn more about MLMs. Stay in the know and never miss out on my tips and tools to living a more affordable and purposeful life! They Incentivize Us Well Every consultant is compensated for the products that they sell, and for the products that are sold by the consultants in their downline.

Your back-end business is created for you Most traditional business owners are on the hook to source the back-end components of their business to keep it up in running. I have noticed very visible changes in my wrinkles and the tightness of my skin. I am 50 and I was really hating the aging process. I would recommend to anyone.

I started using the Reverse Line for Melasma. I've had to call their customer service a few times for different things I've continued to use other products that I'm happy with and they have always been very professional and easy to talk to. I've returned a product and it was simple and I was refunded immediately. The Dermabrasion paste is amazing and makes your skin so soft! I am 45 yrs old and use their products for fine lines and have found they work wonderfully.

Have tried many other companies and products and these work great for me. I have been pretty happy with these products but what prompted me to write a review was the customer service. FedEx lost my shipment. I did include tracking number and order number. Early the next morning I received a response saying they were replacing the lost order!

Enjoy Private Employee Discounts, Exclusive Pricing and Friends & Family Sales.

I expected they would want to be reimbursed by FedEx first or something. I received a follow-up personal e-mail letting me know it had shipped.

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My replacement order arrived very quickly. I was very impressed. Customer service like this will keep me a loyal customer. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I ordered the Unblemish through a consultant back in February. And this is a company? I called my bank up and they can and will dispute it. No change in my skin condition at all. For dollars I was expecting at least a slight change.

No face product costs dollars to make and distribute. They hire and fire their agents frequently to cut costs. Some agents only work less than 2 weeks, before they lay them off and hire new agents, and then follow the same process. They never tell their employees this and say they are being hired for months or longer, and then just like that tell them that there are no business needs for them.

Well you should have known that before you hired them. If you ever wonder why your customer service is so horrible, this is why!!!! They do not care about their employees. They use them and drop them like flies. They do not care about their employees or their customers. Find a better company that cares about their customers and employees.

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This is an absolute pyramid scheme. Every negative comment you have ever heard about MLM or pyramid schemes relate to this company, from not paying your commission which I am still waiting for after 6 months, to harassing your loved ones, to a product which is very expensive and not that great. Shaming is a a below the surface practice which seems to be the modus operandi of the people making the real money, ie those at the top. I now have a skin condition from one of their signature products, which is irreversible.

Please note, I have never had so much as a rash or a pimple before Their recommendation, was to buy a different range of their products to correct it, which I did. No remedy. Some of the products are OK but not at that price! I do not recommend this business in the strongest terms possible. Fast forward a couple of years and thousands of dollars later, with no change in my skin, I decided to move on and returned a complete, unused Unblemish regimen.

It wasn't until the end of May that I called to find out about my refund when I was told "oh, I'm sorry, no one has initiated the refund yet. My request was ignored and they sent money to my old financial institution where I then had to open an investigation to see if I could get my money.