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This extension also provides session handling and CPQ cart integration.

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The samlcommercesecsso extension is used for the implementation of single sign on for Service Engagement Center. You can set up the status display on the level of characteristics and characteristic groups so that customers can immediately see whether their characteristic value assignment is allowed for example, it has a green icon.

The product price total price on the configuration page is the net value of the product without shipping costs excluding tax. Apart from the total price you can display the base price of the configurable product, the price of the selected options, and the delta prices for individual characteristic values.

In the standard implementation, the system always shows the product configuration and calculates the product price based on quantity 1. This example explains what you must do if you want the order quantity to influence, for example, the characteristics or values shown, or if you want to make the price for one piece depend on the overall order quantity for that particular product. The configuration summary displays the choices for the first four characteristics belonging to the root instance of the configurable product, regardless of whether the choice has been made by the user or set by the system..

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Depending on your order management scenario AOM or SOM , the configuration summary is displayed in the shopping cart, in the order overview, and in the quote overview. SAP Hybris Commerce uses the following attributes reference characteristics for the configuration context:. On enabling the integration with SAP Digital Payments, a B2C customer can register a new credit card during order checkout, and use the card information for making payment.

It supports the mapping of client credentials to base sites out of the box, and is extensible, giving you the possibility to define your own filter criteria for selecting the correct client credentials for your applications. These settings contain the endpoint urls and necessary authentication settings. The sapreturnsexchangeb2b extension is an enhancement to the sapreturnsexchange extension.

Within the sapreturnsexchangeb2b extension, the bean DefaultReturnOrderPartnerContributor is redefined to support B2B orders as well for the outbound mapping.

The price information shown for characteristic values is based on the way prices are defined in configuration maintenance transaction CU50 of the SAP ERP back end. Note that the microservices have an independent release cycle. The ysapproductconfigaddon extension is an AddOn to be embedded into yacceleratorstorefront. Use the SAP Digital Payments integration extensions to register a credit card and authorize the payment during the item checkout process.

The integration enables Hybris customers to assist their end users on various issues. SAP Digital Payments integration enables a B2C customer to register a credit card and authorize the payment during the item checkout process. The sapreturnsexchange extension provides reusable functionality related to B2C inbound and outbound return orders in asynchronous order management.

The extension extracts return order data and maps it to the corresponding raw field of the saperpreturnorder Data Hub extension. It also does the processing of the notification from the SAP backend.

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You can track customer behaviour in the storefront and transfer the corresponding data events directly to SAP Hybris Marketing. Once transferred, clickstream data can be analyzed and used for follow-up marketing activities. The sapymktclickstream extension captures events triggered by customer interactions in the online store, and sends them directly to SAP Hybris Marketing. The sapproductconfigbackofficecps extension offers the possibility to maintain settings related to configuration and pricing services in backoffice.

Maintaining the settings in backoffice is functionally equivalent to importing them using impex. It defines the configuration model and is the bridge between Hybris services and any kind of product configuration engine e. The deletion of account is possible through Hybris Commerce Backoffice.

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This integration combines the rich commerce functionality of SAP Hybris Commerce with the customer support features of the Engagement Center. The sapproductconfigb2baddon extension is an AddOn to be embedded into yacceleratorstorefront. The sapproductconfigrulesbackoffice extension contains backoffice enhancements required for the maintenance of rules used in the product configuration process.

Pricing routines user exits can be used to influence the price calculation. Each routine comes with a unique number and may require certain attributes for successful usage. The sapproductconfigb2b extension provides access to the product configuration and pricing data relevant for the B2B scenario.

This section contains information necessary for those who want to extend the functionality of SAP Product Configuration. Assisted Service Module enables customer service personnel to provide real-time customer sales and service support, using the same storefront across the omni-channel framework, both physically shoulder-to-shoulder, in-store, and virtually online. The chat and video widgets are launched with floating modal popup window that overlays the storefront UI. The Ticketing System is designed to manage customer tickets. A customer can display a list of tickets with their details and create or update a ticket.

When configuring a Search Query Template, you can easily decide which search query properties should be included in the results visible on the storefront. The adaptivesearch module holds the functionality needed to create and configure the search profiles. Facet settings allow you to decide if particular query property should be a facet, as well as add additional settings.

It is predefined to include certain query properties and settings, but can be easily customized. Sorting enables you to prioritize the results, for example if you want to make some items more prominent, or if you want to order them. It contains Hybris-specific modifications and extensions for better use with our platform.

It can be run as standalone or cloud setup. Cloud setup requires zookeeper also provided as base image. The List Layout widget is a layout widget that allows for arranging indefinite widgets in a list order. The Labeled Toggle action is an extension of the Toggle action, with an ability to display labels.

Vouchers are now redeemed upon placing an order. Previously this functionality was left up to the partner to implement. The My Coupons section is added under My Account to display coupons that customers possess in a holistic view. Customers can apply usable coupons by picking them from the coupon list during checkout. This feature allows flexible coupon usage by allowing a customer to possess certain coupons. Customer coupons can be used for marketing campaigns or ad-hoc assignments base on business needs.

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Customers can subscribe to coupon status notification so that they can be reminded to use coupons in time. The customercouponbackoffice extension provides Backoffice configuration for the CustomerCoupon module.

The customercouponsamplesaddon AddOn provides sample customer coupons and promotions based on these customer coupons. The customercouponfacades extension exposes methods for AddOn layer, delegated to service layer and makes conversion between model and data objects. I had checked complete details of package and asked for confirmation. These people immediately responded and assured everything whatever they mentioned promised.

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    Each code can only be used for a coupon once. You have defined a campaign type with Coupon set to External Clearing or Internal Clearing , depending on the type of coupon campaign that you are running.

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    For external clearing coupon campaigns only :. Using the BAdI Define Coupon Code Handling , you have defined how the check digits in your coupon code are determined and how the code is formatted. Once you set the status of an external clearing coupon campaign to Released:. The next available coupon code for the clearing house is assigned to the Coupon Code for the campaign. With internal clearing, you assign the coupon code to the campaign manually.