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The criminal defense lawyer you choose will make a decisive difference in your homicide case, and our qualified team will assuredly do everything necessary to earn you a great outcome in your Michigan case. We are experienced in all homicide charges including first-degree murder , second-degree murder , felony murder, voluntary manslaughter , involuntary manslaughter , and negligent homicide. Contact us right now to defend against criminal accusations.

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We defend clients at every stage of the criminal process, including pre-file, trial, and post-conviction stages. We know exactly what the prosecution needs to convict you and will work to defend your rights and protect your freedom, ensuring every legal action helps you achieve your legal goals. We will provide you with valuable insight into the aggressive investigative tactics commonly employed by police and prosecutors, and work to expose any mistakes made by police or prosecuting attorneys throughout your case.

You need a homicide defense lawyer to speak on your behalf and ensure that you do not compromise your results when faced with coercive and forceful police tactics.

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Anything you say could be used against you in your homicide trial, so do not speak with anyone concerning any detail of your murder case. Politely decline to answer police questions and cooperate with the guidance of your attorney. It is crucial that you meet with your lawyer as quickly as possible if you have just been arrested or believe you may be under investigation.

Best way to deal with cops video camera and lawyer papers in hand!

Contact us to gain an edge in your Michigan murder or manslaughter case. If you are accused of first-degree murder , prosecuting attorneys usually need to prove that the murder involved premeditation. This is an extremely serious criminal charge, and a conviction will put you behind bars for life.

To prove the case, the police and prosecutors would have been required to show beyond reasonable doubt that our client intended to shoot and kill the alleged victim.

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We interviewed the victim. He had been shot in the leg. He gave us a written affidavit stating that our client accidentally shot him.

  • Most, but not necessarily all, of what you tell your lawyer is privileged..
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As a result, the Attempted Murder 1 charge was dropped to a far lesser offense. Please note that every case is different, and success in this case is no guaranty of success in your case. Does the following sound like your situation? The police are looking for you or your family member. The police have visited your home or called your phone. What do you do?

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First, you understand your Constitutional rights. You are under no obligation to speak to police or prosecutors. Under the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, you have a privilege against self-incrimination. Therefore, they cannot force you to speak to them. The second most important constitutional right that you have is the right to counsel. You have a right to an attorney if the police or prosecutors suspect you have committed a crime. Especially if one attends a for-profit law school, the main target of his piece.

Some say that this drop in applications is simple predictable market adjustment : There are no jobs, so there should be fewer lawyers. In response to the drop in applications, some law schools have begun to close. The problem is we have forgotten what the purpose of the legal profession really is.

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The way the American legal profession is structured today, there are many, many people who need legal services and cannot afford them, hence the familiar trope of overworked public defenders paid for by the state. But there are still many more people in civil litigation without representation: tenants abused by a landlord in eviction proceedings as reported by Matthew Desmond in his new book , and debtors abused by a credit card corporation or by a collections agency.

These clients need representation, too. Right now, in order to meet this vast need for legal representation, the legal system relies on a hodgepodge of public defenders, legal aid attorneys, law school clinics, and successful firms who send out new attorneys on occasional pro bono service. But when we look at legally underserved populations, it is hard to say that we have too many lawyers. There are positive changes on the horizon, though: Not everyone is as pessimistic as Campos and others about the legal market. But the changes that will need to take place might seem revolutionary to lawyers of the old guard.

Barton tells Quartz. So how can it be true that we have unemployed or underemployment lawyers, and also so much legal work needing to be done? In other words, lawyering as a profession needs to change completely.